~ Aspen Grove ~

Independent Living for Active Retirees


welcome home

An active adult community in
Pinedale, Wyoming. Here life blends with nature, so adults 60 and over can take advantage of the active lifestyle Wyomingites know and love without
the worry of exterior home or
yard maintenance.

Aspen Grove - 280 Musket Ave., Pinedale

was built by Sublette County in 2014 as a way to provide quality housing for seniors, aged 60 and above. Aspen Grove is administered and maintained by the Sublette Center, while being owned by Sublette County. This vibrant retirement community is located within easy walking distance of Rendezvous Pointe Senior Center, The Sublette Center, Proactive Rehab, the walking path, grocery store, dentist office and beauty salon. A couple more blocks will have you at in the heart of downtown Pinedale with shopping and dining options, county courthouse and library.

All facilities are on one level and are designed for handicap accessibility.

“There are people; I enjoy the company. It’s convenient to Ridley’s, the Sublette Center, Rendezvous Pointe, etc.”
— Mary Kay N.


  • Paid utilities, including water, sewer, gas, electric and trash removal

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access (limited to common areas)

  • On-site postal delivery

  • Safe, well lit parking lot

  • Secure environment

  • Exterior maintenance with heated sidewalks

  • Full access to common areas: kitchen, lounge, laundry room and library

  • Weekly church services (at Sublette Center, including: LDS, Jehovah Witness, Catholic mass, Episcopal & a Bible study)

  • Weekly housekeeping

  • Meal plans at Sublette Center (up to 3 meals a day, optional, contact the Sublette Center Dietary Director for meal package options)

One and two bedroom apartments

  • One Bedroom 687 sq. ft. of unfurnished living space

  • Two Bedroom 956 sq. ft. of unfurnished living space

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  • One Bedroom - $905/month

  • Two Bedroom - $1,375/month

studio apartments

  • 461 sq. ft. of unfurnished living space

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  • Studio Apartment - $650/month

What are some of the reasons you like living at Aspen Grove?
1) It’s a wonderful way to go for seniors. There are so many ways to enjoy your new freedoms ... windows, lawn, snow removal, etc. are ALL taken care of!
2) Utilities and appliances are all included, a BIG reduction in bill paying.
3) Housekeeping is done weekly. Bathrooms, floors, etc. ... and annual spring cleaning!
4) Housekeeper is friendly and courteous, somewhat like family. That’s a big plus.
5) Facility is tops: fireplace, common area, kitchen. There are monthly get-togethers (for residents) with refreshments.
— Rich & Mary B.